Passivm Late harvest wine

Passivm | Late harvest wine
Grape variety
Tuscan Trebbiano, Tuscan Malvasia, S. Colombano, and Albana
About 2 hectares with Southern exposure
Planting density: 3 x 0.8
Spur-trained system
Age of grapevines: over 26 years
Mainly consisting of marl
Elevation: 300 m.a.s.l.
Grape harvest
Around mid-late October, depending on the season: grapes are then selected and hung with controlled drying and sprayed with water to continue the process of noble rot (Botritis cinerea)
5000 kg grapes / Ha
Grape pressed together with dried stalks
Alcoholic fermentation
In temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks by using the best and most selected natural yeasts. Fermentation is stopped by a sudden drop in temperature.
In oak barrels for about 8-10 months
In November–December
12 months in bottles stored in the wine storage area of the winery
Annual production
2,500 bottles on average
Organoleptic properties
Colour: bright yellow gold
Bouquet: delicate, floral with aromas of exotic fruits
Flavour: fresh and soft with a good acidity-sweetness balance
Excellent with mixed cheese, cold cuts and Tuscan toasted bread with toppings; ideally served with pecorino sheep cheese paired with honey and foie gras.
Meditation wine. Service temperature: 12°-14°C.