Our olive oil

Our olive oil

Our extra virgin olive oil "Olevm" is produced by using three olive varieties (moraiolo, frantoio, and leccino) within the classic Tuscan landscape characterized by olive groves growing on terraced fields with dry stone walls.

Early harvesting as soon as olives are ripe, pressing within 48 hours from harvest, aging the oil in stainless steel tanks and bottling it in dark glass bottles are the secrets to guarantee the high quality of this product.

Direct sale is available at the farm, where it is also possible to taste this Tuscan organic extra virgin olive oil on delicious toasted bread.

All of our produce comes from organic farming.

Technical specifications
of our organic extra virgin olive oil

Cultivation: within the farm

Olive varieties: frantoio, leccino and moraiolo

Harvesting method: hand-picking

Production method: cold pressing

Organoleptic properties

Appearance: dense and bright

Colour: tending to green with golden sheens

Scent: fresh olive

Flavour: balanced, lightly sweet, with hints of artichoke and grass

This high-quality olive oil is obtained directly from organic-grown olives and by using exclusively mechanical methods.



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